Derived from the Castella bread introduced by the Portuguese in the Far East, it has since become an extremely popular Korean sponge cake.

Although the inspiration of the Kastera is from the Castella breads brought by Portuguese traders into the country, the Koreans have assimilated and integrated its ingredients and cooking methods to make it their own and it has since embedded itself into Korean culture.

Spongy, fragrant and extremely tender, Kastera cakes are simple, yet distinctive. Their taste though, is simply heavenly and not to be underestimated.

We ensure and maintain our high-quality Kastera cakes by hiring the right employees, buying the right ingredients and listening to the right people, our customers.

With 5 branches already serving the public, Kastera by Luna Maya pledge to serve our customers even better in 2018 and to develop further so that more people can experience the divine taste from our Kastera cakes.And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a promise.