Counter Strike Experience

Counter Strike Experience

Jakarta is not a city that lacks entertainment, but it is definitely in dire need of unique adventures that cater to people with niche hobbies.One of those is to battle it all out with your friends and family in a safe environment and that's where Counter Strike Experience comes in to the picture.

Strategically located to be easily reached by everyone in Jakarta's Metropolitan area, Counter Strike Experience accommodate those who want to find something new to challenge their inner-selves, and to go on a path of self-discovery to the unknown corners of their minds.Fitted with facilities such as an archery range, a pop-up target shooting range, an airsoft-gun shooting range and a spacious area for nerf-gun battles, Counter Strike Experience goes the whole nine yards to make sure that you walk out of our premises with big smiles on your faces.

We are also a family-friendly venue and therefore, it is the perfect place for parents to bond with their children while at the same time, to provide them with the opportunities to learn new skills that will most definitely come in handy later in their lives.

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