Time Machine

Time Machine

Time machine is the brainchild of a group of people that share the same passion and that is the love for video games and movies. We have therefore, made it our mission in life to bring you a surreal movie and video game experience that can make your imagination goes wild.

In rooms based on popular movies and video games, you are free to explore and imagine yourself being inside movies or video games.

At Time Machine, we provide more than just opening locks. We offer quality, pleasure, rewards and fun.

At the conclusion of your adventures, you can also relax and sit-back in our very own cafe with a futuristic concept and chat with your friends about all the escapades you just experienced in one of our worlds.

With 2 branches already under our belt, we are looking beyond the horizon to expand and bring the fun to more and more people in Jakarta and eventually, Indonesia.

And just the thought of that makes us absolutely excited for the future.